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KyoungSoo Park

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering

Office: N1-813
291 Daehangno, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, 34141, Republic of Korea
Office: N1-813 building (Kim, Byeong-ho IT building)
Email : kyoungsoo @ kaist dot ac dot kr
Tel : +82-42-350-7412
Fax : +82-42-350-7612

Short Bio

KyoungSoo Park is an associate professor in the electrical engineering department at KAIST. He received his B.S. degree in computer science from Seoul National University in 1997, and his M.A. (in 2004) and Ph.D. (in 2007) degrees in computer science from Princeton University. After his Ph.D., he worked as associate research scholar at Princeton University from 2007 to 2008 and worked as assistant professor in the computer science department at the University of Pittsburgh for the year of 2009. In 2007, he co-founded CoBlitz, Inc. (acquired by Verivue, Inc. in 2010, and later acquired by Akamai,Inc. in 2012) which provides highly scalable and reliable content distribution services to ISPs and telcos.

Research Interest

My research interests focus on the design and implementation of networked and distributed computing systems. I conduct research on system design principles that fundamentally improve the scalability, reliability, security, and performance of networked systems. As part of research, I have (co-)developed a number of systems that include scalable content distribution networks (CDNs), high-speed packet processing systems, and Internet infrastructure services. I am open to exploring various interesting issues in the area of computer systems and networking.

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Current Projects

Past Projects



Courses I have taught:

Current Students

YoungGyoun Moon (Ph.D.)
Changho Hwang (Ph.D.)
Taehyun Kim (Ph.D.)
Dohun Kim (M.S.)
Geonha Park (M.S.)
Seungeon Yi (M.S.)
Youngmin Choi (M.S.)


Younghwan Go (Ph.D.) now at Cisco Meraki, Inc.
Muhammad Asim Jamshed (Ph.D.) now at Intel, Inc.
Jihyung Lee (Ph.D. in 2016., co-advised by Prof. Yung Yi) now at SK Telecom, Inc.
Keon Jang (Ph.D. in 2012, co-advised by Prof. Sue Moon) now a tenure-track professor at Max Planck Institute (MPI).

Kyuho Son (M.S. in 2018) now at Samsung Electronics, Inc.
Ilwoo Park (M.S. in 2018) now at Kakao Corp.
Giyoung Nam (M.S. in 2014) now at Daum Kakao, Inc.
Sangwook Bae (M.S. in 2015) now in Ph.D. program with Prof. Yongdae Kim
Donghwi Kim ( 2016) now in Ph.D. program with Prof. Seung-Ju Lee
Jaehyun Nam (M.S. in 2015) now in Ph.D. program with Prof. Seungwon Shin
EunYoung Jeong (M.S. in 2014) now at National Security Research Institute (NSRI)
Jongil Won (M.S. in 2014) now at Line Corporation, Inc.
Youngwoo Lee (M.S. in 2013) now at Agency for Defense Development

Professional Services

Program Committee:
2020: USENIX NSDI'20, EuroSys'20
2019: USENIX NSDI'19, ACM SOSP'19, ACM CoNext'19,
2018: USENIX NSDI'18 ACM SIGCOMM'18 USENIX OSDI'18 IEEE ICDCS'18 ACM APSys'18 (General Chair) APNet'18
2017: ACM CoNext'17 ACM APNet'17 OSPERT'17
2016: IEEE Infocom'16 ACM SIGCOMM'16 USENIX OSDI'16
2015: USENIX NSDI'15 IEEE RTAS'15 ACM SIGCOMM'15 ACM APSys'15(Program Co-Chair)
2013: ACM APSYS'13 ACM FhMN'13 WISA'13 ACM HotMiddlebox
2012: IEEE P2P USENIX HotCloud'12 LADIS'12 ACM CCSW'12
2011: ACM CoNext'11 ACM CCSW'11 IEEE CloudApp'11 CFI'11 EON'11
2010: USENIX NSDI'11 IPTPS'10 ACM APSYS'10 IEEE CloudApp'10 CFI'10
2009: ACM NSDR'09 ROADS'09 WIOSCA'09 CFI'09