EE 807 Software-defined Networked Computing

Note: the course schedule is subject to change throughout the semester. Please check this page periodically.

Date Topics Readings Discussion Leader
Mon 09/01 (week 1) Introduction How to read a paper How to Give a Good Presentation
How to Give a Bad Talk, optionally How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia
KyoungSoo Park
Wed 09/03 (week 1) Preliminaries & SDN Introduction SDNHistory, Scott Schenker's ONS'11 Talk Nick McKeown's ONS'11 Talk KyoungSoo Park
Mon 09/08 (week 2) Chusuk holiday No class
Wed 09/10 (week 2) Chusuk holiday No class
Software-defined Networking
Mon 09/15 (week 3) Logically-Centralized Control Ethane, 4D KyoungSoo Park
Wed 09/17 (week 3) SDN Stack OpenFlow, NOX, Skim though OpenFlow Specification 1.3 Asim Jamshed
Mon 09/22 (week 4) Controller Scalability, Announcement ONIX, Open vSwitch Sangwook Bae
Wed 09/24 (week 4) Network Virtualization FlowVisor, Nicira tech report Choong-Hee Cho
Mon 09/29 (week 5) Programming Pyretic, Maple JungAh Hong
Tue 09/30 (week 5)
Time: 7pm, Place: N1-816
Network Update ConsistUpdate, zUpdate Byungkwen Choi
Mon 10/06 (week 6)
Time: 7pm, Place: N1-816
Dataplane Verification I, Announcement HSA, Veriflow Eun-Do Kim
Wed 10/08 (week 6) Dataplane Verification II VerfiyWithSE, KLEE, optionally S2E Y.H.
Mon 10/13 (week 7) Debugging NICE, ndb Changjun Kim
Wed 10/15 (week 7) Project Proposal 2-page proposal writeup due 9pm on 10/18
Mon 10/20 (week 8) Midterm Exam Period No class
Wed 10/22 (week 8) Midterm Exam Period No class
Middleboxes & NFV
Mon 10/27 (week 9) Software Packet Processing Click, netmap Shinae Woo
Wed 10/29 (week 9) Scalable TCP Stack mTCP, IX, optionally MegaPipe KyoungSoo Park
Mon 11/03 (week 10) Service-aware Network Stack Serval, Logjam Y.G.
Wed 11/05 (week 10) Middlebox Consolidation CoMb, xOMB Giyoung Nam
Mon 11/10 (week 11) Middlebox Management SIMPLE, FlowTags Choong-Hee Cho
Wed 11/12 (week 11) Controlling Network Functions OpenNF Shinae Woo
Mon 11/17 (week 12) Load Balancing Ananta Donghwi Kim
Wed 11/19 (week 12) Scaling Out Network Functions ClickOS, Split/Merge Y.G.
Mon 11/24 (week 13) Key-Value Store MemcachedFB Giyoung Nam
Wed 11/26 (week 13) SPDY SPDY Asim Jamshed
Protection and Security
Mon 12/01 (week 14) SDN Security Fresco, Rosemary Dongkwan Kim
Wed 12/03 (week 14) Accountability and Privacy APIP, AIP Y.H.
Mon 12/08 (week 15) Preparation for Final Presentation No class PC meeting
Wed 12/17 (week 15) Project Final Presentation
Mon 12/15 (week 16) Final Exam Period No class
Wed 12/17 (week 16) Final Exam Period No class

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