mOS API description
Data Fields
mtcp_conf Struct Reference

#include <mtcp_api.h>

Data Fields

int num_cores
 number of cores to use More...
int max_concurrency
 number of concurrent flows per core More...
uint64_t cpu_mask
int max_num_buffers
 number of socket buffers More...
int rcvbuf_size
 size of receive buffer More...
int sndbuf_size
 size of send buffer More...
int tcp_timewait
 time wait time in sec More...
int tcp_timeout
 timeout in sec, -1 for not to check timeout More...
uint64_t app_cpu_mask [MOS_APP]
char * app_argv [MOS_APP][MOS_APP_ARGC]
int app_argc [MOS_APP]
int num_app
 number of registered apps More...

Field Documentation

int mtcp_conf::app_argc[MOS_APP]
char* mtcp_conf::app_argv[MOS_APP][MOS_APP_ARGC]
uint64_t mtcp_conf::app_cpu_mask[MOS_APP]
uint64_t mtcp_conf::cpu_mask
int mtcp_conf::max_concurrency

number of concurrent flows per core

int mtcp_conf::max_num_buffers

number of socket buffers

int mtcp_conf::num_app

number of registered apps

int mtcp_conf::num_cores

number of cores to use

int mtcp_conf::rcvbuf_size

size of receive buffer

int mtcp_conf::sndbuf_size

size of send buffer

int mtcp_conf::tcp_timeout

timeout in sec, -1 for not to check timeout

int mtcp_conf::tcp_timewait

time wait time in sec

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