May, 2017:
Our paper “Confident Multiple Choice Learning” got accepted to ICML 2017.

March, 2017:
Our paper “mOS: A Reusable Networking Stack for Flow Monitoring Middleboxes” received the best paper award in NSDI 2017.

December, 2016:
Our paper “APUNet: Revitalizing GPU as Packet Processing Accelerator” got accepted to NSDI 2017.

December, 2016:
Our paper “mOS: A Reusable Networking Stack for Flow Monitoring Middleboxes” got accepted to NSDI 2017.

July, 2016:
Our journal “Cedos: A Network Architecture and Programming Abstraction for Delay-Tolerant Mobile Apps” got accepted to Transactions on Networking.

January, 2016:
Our paper “DFC: Accelerating String Pattern Matchng for Network Applications” got accepted to NSDI 2016.

August, 2015:
Our paper “Haetae: Scaling the Performance of Network Intrusion Detection with Many-core Processors” got accepted to RAID 2015.

June, 2015:
Our poster “A Case for a Stateful Middlebox Networking Stack” got accepted to SIGCOMM 2015.

June, 2015:
Our paper “Why is HTTP Adaptive Streaming So Hard?” got accepted to APSys 2015.

April, 2015:
Our paper “FloSIS: A Highly Scalable Network Flow Capture System for Fast Retrieval and Storage Efficiency” got accepted to ATC 2015.

February, 2015:
Our paper “Practicalizing Delay-Tolerant Mobile Apps with Cedos” got accepted to MobiSys 2015.

December, 2014:
Our paper “Reliable, Consistent, and Efficient Data Sync for Mobile Apps” got accepted to FAST 2015.

June, 2014:
Our paper “Analyzing the Effectiveness of Content Delivery Network Interconnection of 3G Cellular Traffic” received the best paper award in CFI 2014.

May, 2014:
Our paper “Analyzing the Effectiveness of Content Delivery Network Interconnection of 3G Cellular Traffic” got accepted to CFI 2014.

April, 2014:
Our paper “mTCP: a Highly Scalable User-level TCP Stack for Multicore Systems” received the Community Award in NSDI 2014.

December, 2013:
Our paper “mTCP: a Highly Scalable User-level TCP Stack for Multicore Systems” got accepted to NSDI 2014.

November, 2013:
Our paper “Effective Content-based Video Caching with Cache-friendly Encoding and Media-aware Chunking” got accepted to MMSys 2014.

November, 2013:
Our paper “Gaining Control of Cellular Traffic Accounting by Spurious TCP Retransmission” got accepted to NDSS 2014.

October, 2013:
Our paper “Impact of Malicious TCP Retransmission on Cellular Traffic Accounting” received the best paper award in ACM S3 2013.

March, 2013:
Our paper “Comparison of Caching Strategies in Modern Cellular Backhaul Networks” got accepted to ACM MobiSys 2013.

March, 2013:
Our poster “Meeting the Real-time Constraints with Standard Ethernet in an In-Vehicle Network” got accepted to IEEE IV 2013.

December, 2012:
Our paper “Towards Accurate Accounting of Cellular Data for TCP Retransmission” got accepted to HotMobile 2013.

July, 2012:
Our paper “Kargus: a Highly-scalable Software-based Intrusion Detection System” got accepted to CCS 2012.

July, 2012:
Our paper “An Android-based Automotive Middleware Architecture for Plug-and-Play of Applications” got accepted to ICOS 2012.

July, 2012:
Our poster “Enabling DTN-based Data Offloading in Urban Mobile Network Environments” got accepted to CFI 2012.

June, 2012:
Our paper “The Power of Batching in the Click Modular Router” got accepted to APSYS 2012.

March, 2012:
Our paper “Server-assisted Latency Management for Wide-area Distributed Systems” got accepted to USENIX 2012.

January, 2012:
Our paper “A Disruption-tolerant Transmission Protocol for Practical Mobile Data Offloading” got accepted to MobiOpp 2012.

September, 2011:
Our poster “Modularity Meets Batching: Towards an Experimental Platform for High-speed Software Routers” got accepted to SOSP 2011.

March, 2011:
Our poster “Suppressing Malicious Bot Traffic Using an Accurate Human Attester” got accepted to NSDI 2011.

January, 2011:
Our paper “SSLShader: Cheap SSL Acceleration with Commodity Processors” got accepted to NSDI 2011.

October 21, 2010:
Professor Park has been appointed as “EWon Assistant Professor” by KAIST.

September 2, 2010:
Our poster “Accelerating SSL with GPUs” won the best poster award in SIGCOMM 2010!

June 25, 2010:
Volunteers needed! Please click here fore more details.

May 10, 2010:
“PacketShader: a GPU-Accelerated Software Router”, our joint work with Advanced Networking Lab, got accepted in SIGCOMM 2010.

April 23, 2010:
Our paper “Suppressing Bot Traffic with Accurate Human Attestation” got accepted in ApSys 2010 workshop which is going to be held in conjunction with SIGCOMM 2010.

January 2010:
Please contact KyoungSoo Park if you have a research interest in computer systems.

January 2010:
NDSL has registered its Web presence.