Networked and Distributed Computing Systems Laboratory (NDSL) is working on a number of research projects that improve the practice of design and implementation of networked computing systems. The goal of our research is to find the novel system design principles that fundamentally enhance the performance, scalability, security of modern computer systems. More specifically, we are currently interested in new opportunities with novel computer hardware such as GPUs and multi-core CPUs in the design of high-performance and robust networked and distributed systems. We also focus on developing a stateful middlebox platform for modular development. We are also interested in adaptive streaming of multimedia (video) for high QoE.

Research Topics

  • Highly Scalable Distributed Systems
  • GPU-accelerated Networked Systems
  • Multi-core CPU/GPU Resource Management
  • Network Systems Security

Current Projects

  • Stateful Middlebox Platform
  • APU-based Software Router
  • Multimedia Adaptive Streaming
  • Distributed Machine Learning
  • Secure¬†IoT Platform