Welcome to NDSL!

We are mainly interested in the design and implementation issues of modern networked systems that scalably support today’s Internet life. Our subjects can be any system that is networked or distributed in nature. Our mission is to find the novel design principles that allow the networked systems to be highly scalable, flexible, reliable, secure, inexpenisve, easy to manage and fun to play with!

Looking for researchers

If you’re interested in the computer systems or networked systems research that NDSL conducts, please feel free to contact KyoungSoo Park by email or drop by his office(N1-813) if you’re around in KAIST campus. We’ll be happy to discuss any crazy ideas that might change the computing world.

Latest News

June, 2015:
Our paper “Why is HTTP Adaptive Streaming So Hard?” got accepted to APSys 2015.

April, 2015:
Our paper “FloSIS: A Highly Scalable Network Flow Capture System for Fast Retrieval and Storage Efficiency” got accepted to ATC 2015.

February, 2015:
Our paper “Practicalizing Delay-Tolerant Mobile Apps with Cedos” got accepted to MobiSys 2015.